Co-Canberra was first conceived at a "Co-operatives Networking Day" held at The Food Co-op in Canberra in 2016.
This eventually led to a call from SEE-Change Canberra to form a Co-operatives development group.
It formed at the end of 2016, and self assembled during 2017 into an informal group, meeting monthly in members houses or cafes.
In 2018 work on the first Co-operative projects was begun.


You can find out about the Pre-Power renewable energy co-op Via the Prepower One website. This involves a unique method of pre-payment, building renewable energy systems distributed throughout the community.

Worker-owned self directed co-ops

Co-Canberra will also be developing worker-owned cooperatives. These will be stand-alone business co-ops, and will be part of the Earthworker Cooperative, a national umbrella coop for worker coops.
Calls are out for people who would like to earn their living through a worker owned trades co-op. We will need all sorts of tradies, office staff, and any other folks required in a small business.

Community Owned Agriculture Enterprise

The COFE group is meeting monthly to design and organise a co-op with both customer and farmer members. The co-op will revolve around a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme, and will use an enterprise stacking model on the production side.
Once the CSA requirements are met, any extra produce can be sold outside the coop, with profits shared between the farmer and the coop.
Contact buildafarmcoop AT gmail.com for further info or to help out.


Drop us an email at info AT canberracooperatives.com.au to help out or for more information

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