• To invent, facilitate, implement and support resilient ways of providing for our needs, while recognising the natural limits inherent to the places we live, and designing our new systems within those limits.
  • To invent, facilitate, implement and support ways of providing equality amongst all humans, and a fair and decent life for other beings.
  • To begin this change at the local level, scaling up to broader community horizons as local needs are progressively met, providing that the skills and resources to do so are available.
  • To make the designs, results and methods we work on as easy as possible to share with and distribute to others who share the same goals, to help them set up their own similar groups.
  • To communicate clearly and accessibly with the general public about why these changes (see 1 and 2) are a good thing, and why they are necessary.
  • To work alongside other groups who can help us further our goals.
  • To use the patterns of the Natural World as a guide in our design work - “What would Nature do?”



Here is the post for our group on the See-Change website. Edit it until it says what we mean!

Co-Canberra - for a new way to live

If you are interested in cooperatives, worker self-directed enterprises, community based infrastructure and organisations, the democratisation of capital, alternative forms of ownership, non-hierarchical management, and the new economy, then look no further than Co-Canberra!

The group began in early 2017, and is currently establishing its website as a place to find out about what is going on in the world, to create a new, Human and Earth focused economy.

A Wiki is being developed to showcase both ideas and on-the-ground project case studies.

The Canberra Cooperatives and Development Group hopes to advocate for and support worker cooperatives, community groups, and democratic workplaces as a key path to a resilient, democratic economic system in Canberra and beyond.


The group also seeks to support and empower local cooperatives and offer pathways for people seeking to start their own cooperatives; whilst at the same time taking on their own cooperative based projects, and educational activities. The goal is to help create a strong foundation for a better Canberra economy in which workers were empowered; the environment is not a subset of the economy; and economically and socially marginalised communities are supported.

SEE-Change is collaborating with the Canberra Cooperatives and Commons Development Group, and Democracy @ Work. They meet on the last Monday of every month. Contact us to find out more about the group, their next meeting, or their next event.

You might also want to check out the Canberra Repair Cafe!

Further Resources:

The Values and Principles of Co-operatives

Short video on how cooperatives work

Own The Change video on building economic democracy one worker co-op at a time

Get mutual’s page on how to set-up and run a cooperative

Study guide on cooperatives

Report on what we know about cooperatives by Virginie Perotin




The imprints left by the turning cogs of our collective brain are left at the Canberra Cooperatives Loomio site.

It is also an online place for further ideas, feedback, suggestions and decision making. 

Follow this link and sign up - it’s quite easy (usually).





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What we do (or want to do)
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Join Us
Join the team, if you work in, or are interested in co-op & collab work, we'd love to hear from you.

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Canberra Co-op & Commons, advocacy & support

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