Welcome to Co-ops, commons & Communities Canberra (CoCanberra)

CoCanberra is here to provide ongoing support and resources for new and existing organisations who align with our mission and vision in Canberra and its surrounds.

Our aims are:

  • To invent, facilitate, implement and support resilient ways of providing for our needs, while recognising the natural limits inherent to the places we live, and designing our new systems within those limits.
  • To invent, facilitate, implement and support ways of providing equality amongst all humans, and a fair and decent life for all.
  • To begin this change at the local level, scaling up to broader community horizons as local needs are progressively met, providing that the skills and resources to do so are available.
  • To make the designs, results and methods we work on as easy as possible to share with and distribute to others who share the same goals, to help them set up their own similar groups.
  • To communicate clearly and accessibly with the general public about why these changes (see 1 and 2) are a good thing, and why they are necessary.
  • To work alongside other groups who can help us further our goals.
  • To use the patterns of the Natural World as a guide in our design work - “What would Nature do?”


We meet monthly, at 7pm on the last Monday of the month, at the Food Co-shop in Canberra city. Find them with this link. The best parking is on Watson St.

You can bring your own meals to the meetups, and tea will be available there. If you get there early, the shop is also packed with top notch food!

We usually have a talk at 7pm followed by QnA with the guest speakers, then a discussion on a related topic.

A very brief update of Co-Canberra projects with QnA will round off the night.

This Month: Not a talk - a PARTY! Friday dec 20th, 5pm to 10pm, Haig Park

The CoCanberra end of year party

As our regular last Monday scheduling clashes with christmas and the new year holidays, we have moved the date to the Friday the 20th, and will have a party in Haig Park, between Ijong and Mort Streets in the city from 5pm to 10pm.

Bring your own everything! Toilets on site, food and drink nearby.

Come and join us to kick back and have a yarn. Bring your ideas and your friends!

If you want some food for thought, check out the CoCanberra Vision and Mission statement here.


Past meetups:

Jan 28th 2019: Case study - Cote Jardins - community supported agriculture in France

Feb 25th 2019: Web linkup - Meet the current CoCanberra Partners - ORICoop, Earthworker, SEE-Change, Pingala Co-op, The New Economy Network of Australia

Mar 25th 2019: Web linkup - Intro to East Gippsland - before the NENA East Gippsland symposium

Apr 29th 2019: Case study - The Food Co-op Shop

May 27th 2019: Case study - Canberra Alliance for Participatory Democracy

Jun 24th 2019 : Case study - Trove Co-op - Artist owned shopfront

Jul 29th 2019: Case study - Harmony cleaning co-op - worker owned - union co-op - refugee enterprise

Aug 26th 2019: Case study - Co-operative health care - The National Health Co-op and The Co-operative Life

Sep 30th 2019: Community Development - Regenerative food systems in the Canberra region - part 1 

Oct 28th 2019: Reframing CoCanberra - the new CoCanberra mission and vision


Future meetups:

February 24th 2020: Regenerative food systems in the Canberra region - part 2


Current projects include:

The Prepower Renewable Energy Cooperatives:

PrePower is pioneering a new form of self-funding cooperative. The Prepower Co-op has been formed, and is in the process of being built into the first of many renewable enrgy cooperatives.

The unique self-funding model is transferrable to other sectors, which will be developed in the future.

See these websites for further information:

Prepower One




Farmart - Community Owned Farming Enterprise Cooperatives:

Inspired by the recent sale of some local organic farms, Co-Canberra is developing models for ensuring the succession of organic farms can run smoothly, transferring the ownership from the existing farmer to a farming Co-operative which is owned and controlled in common by the farmers and the customers. Providing a secure place for farmers to collaborate, bringing in young farmers and developing the art of farming to fully utilise our ecological inheritance in a productive, multi enterprise whole farm system. This Project is collaborating with the Organic and Regenerative Investment Cooperative (ORIcoop).




Becoming the Media:

The mainstream media is not showcasing the best of humanity.

In order for

  • good news about well designed projects and enterprises,
  • related thoughts, ideas and philosophies,
  • thorough analysis of the causes of our problems

to be brought out of the shadows, we will just have to get on and do it ourselves.

Talks at the CoCanberra meetups are recorded, and are posted on the soundcloud site of local Community Radio 2XX 98.3FM's show Behind the Lines.

Behind the lines works alongside CoCanberra to produce the weekly show, and has recorded 3 national conferences for the New Economy Network of Australia (NENA), and one Australasian Permaculture Convergence. They are working closely with NENA to start up NENAs Podcast, Align in the Sound.



The NENA Canberra Hub:

Is now active, working closely with CoCanberra.


Please email us at info at canberracooperatives.com.au to volunteer for any of these projects, or to help out with convening CoCanberra itself.



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